Virtual Signage And The Development in Digital Publicity

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Virtual Signage And The Development in Digital Publicity

Digital signage is a publicity format focused on the provision of digital information by devices such as displays, projectors, touch screen foil pane or totems, which is known as interactive digital signage or interactive digitally signalling. These devices are typically placed in sales or in public places and help the firm to produce, maintain, distribute and publish its own content, mixing digital advertising benefits and more traditional external advertising the revolution of digital signage  .

Depending on the venue, two key forms of digital signage can be distinguished: outdoors and indoors.

Digital exterior signs

Digital outdoor billboard advertisements are commonly positioned in public areas with a wide passageway traffic, as is the emblematic example being Plaza de Callao in Madrid where the exterior of the building is packed with digital advertising. Other common sites are bus stops, gas stations or even metro. The introduction of a digital outdoor signage campaign typically takes a lot of investment.

Digital indoor signing

There is more option for automated indoor signage than outdoor signage. Here the closeness and interaction with the user, by means of smaller displays with immersive options, is given preference. For such a campaign in revolution of digital signage  , the cost needed is less than external interactive touch screen digital ads and it is thus open to more moderate businesses. Some analysts suggest that this choice would have a greater effect on purchasing, since the customer is at the point of sale and is thus in a conversionable position.

Digital signage advantages

  • Name recall improves. Note the message 80% of people who see the interactive map view, so if you are waiting for them to stick with you, this is a successful format.
  • It’s modern, it’s audacious. Digital signage, although used for years, is a spectacular medium which is still seen as something new. This is why it is a perfect weapon for brands who want to keep themselves cutting edge, stand out from competition.
  • Benefit from the synergies at the distribution point. Not all buying decisions are reasonable as advertising agencies well know, and a large number are taken in the last minute. That’s why it can be important for the customer to select your brand at the point of sale. Thanks to digital dynamic ads at the point of sale, at the crucial moment of a purchase, we will hit customers.
  • Get the interest of the customer. Digital billboards will impress and catch your interest in contrast with traditional outdoor advertisements. So, up to 60 per cent more than traditional advertisements are expended on staring at the visual monitor.
  • Improves the sales consumer experience. What better way to recycle a line than by immersive content? Digital signage can generate new opportunities and allow lasting memories synonymous with branding.
  • This is digital. It is interactive. One of the most significant benefits of digital over traditional signage is that it facilitates a conversation with the customer in revolution of digital signage  . Not only can it enhance loyalty and reminder, it can also provide us with useful knowledge about how consumers react to the brand.
  • Allows social network and mobile application convergence. Every was rendered with digital signage, geolocation and telephone. You will benefit from a major source of viralisation by enabling users to connect with their digital posters through their telephones and publish the results on social media.