What You Require to Apply for a Passport

Applying for a passport is not a huge deal as it sounds like since the process involves nothing but a few steps. These steps need to be followed, and by doing so, you will get yourself a passport. Since one among these steps is to provide the right kind of documentation, we decided to let you know all about it. So if you’re someone who’s looking to apply for a passport, here’s what you need for the same.


While the process may not be a difficult one, it is undoubtedly a time-consuming one since you will have to wait for everything to get cleared. Passport processing by mail and other related services are readily available, and one can gladly move ahead to practice the same. Due to that, apart from having the right documents, you also need to be prepared to face it all.

The Requirements

To avail a new passport, you will have to visit a passport acceptance facility, which tends to accept people based on appointments. So before you storm into the place, ensure to book an appointment that makes things soother and comfortable. In terms of documents, the following will be a requirement.



1. Form DS – 11

Form DS – 11 is a basic form that you will have to fill out if you’re applying for the first time. Apart from that, this form also stands to be a requirement for children below the age of 16 or when you don’t meet the requirements to renew your passport. So fill out the form and complete the procedures mentioned by the administration.

2. Proof of U.S Citizenship

As the requirement is made clear, you can move ahead to provide your birth certificate or a naturalization certificate based on whatever they accept. Not having these documents or not producing them in the right manner will not be good for you, and at times, you may never get a passport.

Proof of U.S Citizenship

3. A Government Issued Photo

A driver’s license or even a military ID will complete the formalities for a government-issued photo. The process is known to be a simple one, and you should try not to complicate things.

4. Colour Passport Photo and Fee Payment

A colour passport photo is a simple one, and thus, you need to carry the same while going to apply for a passport. On the other hand, fee payment will be based on what you’re getting. For example, the payment will be different for ones looking to get a passport card and for people opting for expedited service.

Passport Photo


5. Requirements for Children

When it comes to children, there are a few additional requirements, and they include showcasing proof of the relationship and needing the parents and child to appear in person.

Hence, that sums up the requirements to apply for a passport.