Advantages Of Using Smart Film Application In Building

Advantages Of Using Smart Film Application In Building

1 Office Pods UK | Office Meeting Pods for Sale - FusionSmart film or switchable film is a much-discussed topic nowadays. The smart film is an innovative product that is highly beneficial to adjust transmission between opaque and transparent lights using the AC. Previously it was made using glass lamination. The smart film combines many special smartglass functions like infrared and UV blocking, security, advertising, and light adjustments. Its use can be seen in several windows with some special adhesive or glue.

Most film applications are done via glass, acrylics, or polycarbonate laminates with a voltage of (110 volts) to operate the film. Companies continue to attend various installation methods to use the film itself without extra lamination charges. One of the benefits of using smart film application in building is that it eliminates blinds, shades, or window treatment.

Application Of Smart Film In Building

As the wheel of time turns, ambient temperature is repeatedly breaking history records, and the greenhouse effect worsens. Hence the application of smart film is an idea of energy-saving and eye-pleasing. It’s quite prevalent in the current global situation. With the gradually prospering economy, new-fashioned building varies from corporates to supermarket. The well-constructed buildings “glass walls” are a largely applied material in the building’s façade. However, with the increase of global temperature, lowering inside temperature and power consumption of air conditioners of these modern buildings for energy saving has become problematic.

The heat energy produced from the glass walls consists of

  • Visible light 44%
  • Iray- 53%
  • UV ray 3%

Office Pods: Teamwork vs. Privacy | SB Office FurnitureApplication of Smart Film in the corporate building

Smart Technology Smart Glass manufacturers provides unprecedented control over the amount of light, privacy, and heat that enters a space and is ideal for commercial, residential, retail stores, medical and automotive front applications. Smart Film applications are now becoming a must-have for any office or store. It can redefine the environment and create a multifunctional space that adapts and responds to its users’ needs. The potential applications of Smart Films are limitless.

Smart film is controlled by a simple electrical switch, which controls the film’s opacity turning it from clear to translucent or opaque. The opaque state turns into a projection screen due to its liquid crystal display that gives high contrast features. Rear projections can give a good quality image while front projection can be enhanced with an additional reflective coat. Making it completely for corporate buildings.

Benefits of smart film application

The instant benefits that could be avail from this are

  • UV and heat protection block more than 98% of the harmful UV rays and 60% of the heat.
  • Display or advertising- When the film is off, it can be used as a rear projection screen, creating digital advertisement space. This way, small store owners can easily afford it.

The digital ideas are helping in gaining a lot more popularity of the stores and small businesses. It is an inviting deal for the patron and alluring selling techniques. The smart film application in corporate is much needed because of its environment-friendly feature and a mind-blogging product.